Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit Review

The Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit, often call the Zoom Flyknit for short, is a road shoe released by Nike in October of 2018. It takes some design cues from the icon Nike 4% shoe, including the tapered heel and carbon fiber plate in the sole. The major difference between the Zoom Flyknit and the 4% is the type of foam used.

The 4% shoes use ZoomX foam, which is not as durable, but a little better at returning energy to than the React foam in the Zoom Flyknit. You can think of the Zoom Flyknit as the more accessible and durable version of the 4% which could be used as regular trainers.

The carbon fiber plate gives this shoe a very aggressive and “fast” feel to them. Nearly everyone who tries them, describes the shoe as fast. I would echo that sentiment. I have somewhat flat feet and feel like they could use a little more support for long runs. If you have a medium volume foot, you can probably squeeze an arch support insert into these feet. Overall, they seem to favor people with neutral feet a little, but work for me on tempo and race days.

The Zoom Fly Flyknit stying is unmatched by any other running shoe. People compliment them all the time and the knit upper looks streamlined. The upper on my pair is flawless, so I would guess quality control is quite good on this shoe.

The shoe is a little on the expensive side. It will probably run $165 at your local running shop, and around $150 on If you use an amazon price tracker like Penny Parrot, then you can probably catch them for $139. For example here is the price history for size 11 Men’s Zoom Fly Flyknits.

In conclusion, the Zoom Flyknits are a great addition to your collection of running shoes. They are especially fun for tempo runs and races and I would highly recommend them if you don’t already have a pair of “speed” shoes.

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